Develop Applications in the Cloud and Keep Your Feet on the Ground with CodeNOW
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CodeNOW is a cloud development platform enabling businesses to provide their customers with highly available, resilient, scalable, and secure digital services from integrating cloud-native technologies. 

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On this event we shared insights on:

How CodeNow gives visibility to technical leaders over the end-to-end delivery process so they can address all their productivity, security, and governance requirements in one place. 

How CodeNow enables coders to ship scalable applications with high speed, quality, and performance, empowering them with a systematic approach balancing the maintainability of systems, the velocity at which features get shipped, and their freedom. 

How CodeNow enables coders take ownership of their software, from coding requirements to delivering features to end-users; they describe a sense of fulfillment, a faster feedback cycle, and improved flow. 

How CodeNow with infrastructure abstracted & automated away, teams report freeing time to focus on core business logic and operations metrics instead of repetitive tasks. And it's cloud-agnostic & multi-cloud.

Date & time
November 10, 2022
7:00 AM 8:00 AM Europe/Sofia

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