Tools and Methodologies

6Sigma Tools

System2Win and other toolbox components.

Pareto Analysis

A simple decision-making technique.

Signature ERP Methodology

Scala / iScala proven implementation methodology

McKinsey 7-S Change Methodology

Strategy; Structure; Systems; Shared values; Skills; Processes; People

Waterfall Project Management

MS Project

Meet the simple, powerful, reimagined Project for everyone.

Adkar Change Methodology

Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability, Focus on Individuals .

Kotter 8-Step Change Methodology

Eight step methodology using focused team approach. 

Agile Project Management

Iterative approach to project management and software development.

APM Project Management

Proposals, bids, capture, business development and presentations

Prince 2 Project Management

Process-based method for effective project management

Risk 5-Step Model

Involves identifying, analyzing and controlling hazards and risks.

Lean 6S Value Stream Mapping (VSM)

View value flowing from one area to another.

Route to Market (RtM) – 20 Step

Business Development and Market Positioning

Odoo Methodology

Odoo success proven implementation methodology.