Mental Health Training and Awareness with MHFA England

One of enabley longest and largest clients MHFA England partnered with them to digitize their efforts during the pandemic. It was vital for them to develop a training method that didn't involve frontal learning or lots of travel. It was time to go Deskless! 

Step in Enabley and they have never looked back!


Prior to the pandemic, the majority of MHFA England® training was conducted in person, with the organisation having minimal online involvement. There was a concern regarding the feasibility of delivering some of the courses online, while maintaining their effectiveness.

In 2020, MHFA England® was confronted with a critical decision: digitize now, or risk ceasing to exist, at a time when its training was more vital than ever.


Using Enabley, MHFA England were able to digitise its training.

Instructor Members, the trainers delivering MHFA England courses, could continue to reach thousands of learners each month. In this manner, MHFA England could continue to transform the way mental health is spoken about and supported, extending its reach in workplaces and beyond.

A range of courses are offered to businesses, communities, and individuals, and delivered by MHFA England’s trainers.

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Instructor Members can easily create multiple courses each week and deliver those to learners.

Access to comprehensive reports and analytics enables effective follow-up with learners, ensuring their continued engagement.

Learners have unlimited access to their Enabley course materials, allowing them to keep their skills and knowledge up to date.

The platform is also used for internal staff training.

By going digital, MHFA England has been able to continue its operations, empowering thousands more individuals the skills to spot the signs of poor mental health, the confidence to start a conversation, and the knowledge to signpost to support.

Post pandemic, this digital framework has given the organisation the ability to continue to deliver training in a hybrid way. Instructor Members, learners, and workplaces now have the flexibility in how they deliver and receive training, without compromising on quality, outcomes, or the learning experience.


By using Enabley, further geographical locations across the UK were reached

Over 150,000 yearly users

Over 2,000 Instructor Members delivering courses

More than 55,000 live sessions launched through the platform

Average of 1,500 users accessing MHFA courses weekly


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