BDO & Enabley Case Study

How BDO uses the Enabley (formerly TIME to KNOW)  platform to increase revenue by 20% and reduce total training costs by 10%.

The company

BDO is a dynamic and business-oriented accounting, consulting and tax services company ranking amongst the five leading accounting companies worldwide. It has more than 1400 employees providing services to over 300 domestic and international publicly traded firms and trust funds.

The Challenge

BDO Academy wanted to improve the efficiency of the internal and external trainings offered through their courses. All their training was delivered in brick-and-mortar classes, which resulted in high training costs, including: high costs for training facilities, high cost of printed material, high cost of instructors - responsible for all the face to face training, evaluations, practices and assessments of courses. Additionally, because the number of classes and their sizes were limited, only a small amount of learners could participate in each course.

The Solution

BDO Academy chose TIME To KNOW's all in one platform to boost their trainings with easy engaging content creation, moving to a blended learning environment, and real-time actionable insights on performance and engagement.

TIME To KNOW (today Enabley) enables BDO to have a full digital training flow, creating 914 digital content items in 3 months, and conduct practice and assessment.

Thanks to these capabilities, TIME To KNOW shortened the instructor’s time required per course, and reduced the need for high cost training facilities. As a result, BDO could offer a larger number of courses, while maintaining the same training facilities and instructors’ base.

Due to digitizing their content, BDO reduced print costs by 25% and the total training cost by 10%. Above all, following a successful implementation of the training platform, BDO increased their revenue by 20%.

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