Turning enabley.io key accounts KPIs to your own KPIs

Connecting Training to Business Results

Enabley Business KPIs'

Some of the best ways to find out, if a solution is best fit for your organization are:

  1. "to ask a friend"
  2. quickly look at what competitors are using
  3. check independent reviews

Honestly, first two are not that reliable! Why❓ Because friends will give you their best opinion from their own perspective and environment, which may not be your perspective and opinion and this might be dangerous. No! Do not get me wrong - please check with your friends, but do not stop there.

Competitors! Live them alone - focus on customers and do the job they look for. Solve your customers challenges, issues and fix their problems. Again, a glimpse is OK, but just to check and not omitting something that might be important.

Independent reviews are something else! It is trust, reputation and shared value. A quick thought: when you recommend a friend for a job and he/she fails then your next recommendation is most likely to be totally ignored. This is why when publicly shared analysis of and independent researcher is announced, figures and statements are backed with good research, study and in-depth checkup. 

Below are some of the KPIs #Deloitte shared

Enabley in Numbers (Based on key accounts analysis)

As part of the organizational journey towards digital learning experience, Enabley’s learning platform enables organizations to reduce time and costs related to training, while maintaining high learning effectiveness. Ongoing adoption efforts that are put in place ensure sustainable business-related outcomes and measures.

Let's order them from smallest percentage to the largest impact.

  • Increased employee retention - up 12% (your people i.e. employees are your most valuable asset)
  • Reduced time to onboard new employees/clients - down 28% (Head of HR and Sales will be your best friends)
  • Reduced training time - down 65% (less time for better results)
  • Reduced training costs - down 79% (Your finance director will love you!)
  • Learning completion rates - 81%  (check with your organization about learning completion and contact us even if you do not know your figures)
  • Increased learners' Engagement - up 88% (wait, who are your learners ... employees, clients, partners)

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