Innovative Digital EXPO 2023 in Prague

WHY we are NOT missing it

End of July 2023 Systain Group will be in the Center of Europe - in Prague to attend the flagship event in Prague 2023, organized by Expodia s.r.o. has on board prominent exhibitors like MAMA AI, Konektor Social, bpv BRAUN PARTNERS, Systain Group .... The event takes place in the Prague Congress Centre a highly experienced and qualitative venue, easy to access from Prague Airport by private or public transportation. 👇

LinkedIn announced the event: please register here.

The agenda of this event is:

  1. Systain Group -  What do we do
  2. Systain Group - How we do it
  3. Please visit our website
  4. Innovative Digital EXPO 2023 – partnership with Expodia s.r.o.
  5. Who is Systain Group
    1. Boyan Yordanov
    2. Damien Dockery 
    3. Emilian Kroumov
  6. Why Prague ?
    1. DACH and Central-eastern Europe epicenter
    2. New partnerships – products, projects, people
    3. Expand Systain Group presence in Europe
    4. Long term Digital foot print 
    5. We want to meet you here
    6. Connection point in the center of Europe
    7. In person
  7. Key strategic objective/focus of the Innovative Digital EXPO – Armin Khani from Expodia
  8. Q&A 

Please join us to share our excitement and the value we will get from being an exhibitor.

Event announcement is at Expodia website:

Innovative Digital EXPO 27.July.2023