What is Enabley: LMS, CA, LXP?

Enabley is all in one content authoring tool (CA), Learning Management System (LMS) and a Learning Experience Platform (LXP)

What makes enabley unique? Enabley is an ALL-IN-ONE platform. It has easy and intuitive Content Authoring  (CA) tool, aggregates all the features of a robust Learning Management System (LMS) and the agility and user experience of a Learning Experience Platform (LXP)

enabley is all in one LMS plus LXP and CA platform


  • Interactive content creation
  • Course templates
  • YouTube / Vimeo integrations
  • Polls & quizzes
  • SCOR

Learning Management System

  • Certification
  • Reporting
  • Discussions & feedback
  • Full mobile experience
  • Internal & external users

Learning Experience Platform

  • Personalized learning
  • Social learning
  • Streams & learning pathways
  • Skills Management
  • Gamification & leaderboards

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Key Enabley Features

Mobile First Learning Platform

Today employees, clients and partners are on-the-go and need everything in their mobile phones including access to knowledge and ability to learn what they want and when they want. Check out how enabley is working on any device.

enabley works on any device

Interactive Content Creation

Have you spent weeks and days in creating your learning content in order to present your materials in the best possible way? Sleepless nights? Creating content in Enabley is  will amaze you with its speed and AI powered intuitive support. 

No platform makes Interactive Content Creation so easy as enabley do

Certified Training

Everyone needs recognition for his/her learning efforts. Not only this! You can verify if your employees are capable and well trained to operate certain equipment or perform specific activities with verification by QR code.

Issue certificates with enabley

Blended & Hybrid Learning

Be flexible! Some trainees can participate in person but some only online. You can tailor your training online and onsite  - be flexible to your audience. Be effective!

Deliver Blended & Hybrid Learning with enabley

Live Streams

Yes, Enabley supports streaming. A picture tells thousand words, but with live stream you can train by demonstrating. This is as close as you can get to training in person.

key feature of enabley is support for Live Streams

Social Learning & Interaction

Social interaction in learning provides opportunities for the trainee to share their perspectives with one another on a variety of topics. It also helps trainees in organizing their thoughts, reflecting on what they have learned, and looking for gaps in their understanding.

Social Learning & Interaction is core value for enabley

Flexible User Management and Notification

Do not miss any event or request form your employees, clients and partners, when it comes to training them.

Flexible User Management and Notification from enabley

Skills Heatmap

Every skill counts: Pave the way to uncover talents in your organization or discover critical gaps that need to be addressed.

Make sure to close the gap in skills with enabley

Advanced Reporting and Data Analytics

Apart from built-in management and  operative reporting, you can export data from Enabley and use it in Excel or other external tools or BI.

Get insights about progress of your trainees and quality of the material


Make your trainings and courses available to purchase online.

enabley allows you to sell your trainings and cources

More info? Get in touch - send us an email. [email protected] or Contact Us

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