What is an ERP? an Odoo approach

The ERP system comes from the need to manage all the resources that make up a company in a more monitored and automated way. By having it digitized, tracking is easier, traceability is not lost and, being in the online, allows you to access it from any location.

From this need several management systems were born, among them Odoo.com. Odoo as ERP consists modules to manage all branches of a business: accounting, CRM, sales, purchasing, inventory, manufacturing, projects, marketing, human resources and many more.

What are the benefits of using an integrated ERP system?

When enabled to manage all resources from a single application instead of having the management of the company spread to different applications has numerous advantages.

On the one hand, the cost reduction is clearly significant. Being able to centralize all the management in a single application will save you from having several licenses in different systems, since you will have an all-in-one solution.

And not only the direct cost of the licenses of each system, our time also has a price. By not having to switch from one system to another and transferring information, we will have greater efficiency in terms of internal processes.

Odoo partner we are aligned with the time savings of processes that are not part of the work, that is why one of the objectives of Odoo ERP is the reduction of the number of clicks in your daily operations.

In addition, having all the information centralized will allow us to have greater control over all the data, the position of the company and to be able to get specific reports and statements to help us in the strategy.

What are the characteristics of an ERP?

  • Integrated management 

  • Digital

  • Cloud or on-premise

  • Process automation

  • Intuitive

  • Reporting and statements

  • Centralization

How does Odoo manage it?

Odoo is an ERP system available both on the cloud and on-premise, made up of different modules to manage all areas of your business. Odoo modules are fully integrated with each other to facilitate day-to-day business and reduce management time.

Odoo is designed to fully digitalize your company, allowing the import of all your files both in Excel and CSV. It also has the OCR system for the digitalization of invoices, saving manual work of the accounting team.

Automations in Odoo have been developed to optimize daily procedures, but you also have the freedom to create your own automation rules thanks to the customization tool (Studio) and the marketing automation module.

In addition, within the ERP systems we find the open source typology, as is the case of Odoo. With this type of system, you will have access to the code of the system to be able to take advantage of all the benefits of a professional software, developed for companies, while you can make the necessary customizations and integrations to manage any process.

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