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Converting an educational article into a real e-learning experience can vary in time depending on the complexity of the content and the desired level of interactivity. However, with enabley.io, it is possible to create a learning experience within 30 minutes.

We volunteered to provide a quick 6-8 minute e-learning session for BNI Multinacional chapter, which we joined recently. The target topic was to teach the Dos and Don'ts in Networking. We have chosen to use enabley.io to demonstrate it's potential.

The value added by using enabley.io is significant. It allows for interactive engagement with learners, enabling them to actively participate in the learning process. This can lead to a higher level of understanding and retention of the material. Additionally, enabley.io provides insights into the learners' level of understanding and the quality of knowledge presentation, which can be used to improve the learning experience.

Another valuable feature of enabley.io is the ability to incorporate gamification elements into the e-learning experience. Gamification can make the learning process more enjoyable and motivating, leading to increased engagement and better learning outcomes.

Furthermore, enabley.io enables offline learning, allowing learners to access the content even when they are not connected to the internet. This is particularly beneficial for individuals who are constantly on the go and need flexibility in their learning schedule.

Enabley offers a quick and efficient way to convert educational articles into engaging e-learning experiences

,providing added value through interactive engagement, insights, gamification, and offline learning capabilities.

Do you want to explore a short study session with enabley.io?

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or click here The Dos and Don’ts of Networking 

How does your organization organize knowledge distribution? How do you do it with Deskless employees like shop floor/factory blue-collar employees, salespeople on the go, and people on the field in agri fields for example? How to deal with no email, no problem?!

The last learning section leads to the original bni.com article.

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