GEODI with your CRM

Complete what you can't find in CRM with Corporate Search!

Bring together your email, file servers, and other repositories with CRM. Find what you're looking for more easily. See your dataat glance.

GEODI aims to cover all your digital assets with over 200 data adapters.

In this way, we aim to enable you to perform effective Search, Data Discovery, Classification, Masking and Data Analysis.

Our data adapters have two more new members, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Zoho CRM .

Thanks to GEODI's Low-Code web service integration capabilities, people, companies, opportunities and offers are regularly indexed by GEODI, thus paving the way for semantic enterprise search and data discovery opportunities .

You open the CRM records you are looking for on-site. So the record from Zoho CRM opens in ZOHO.

You can use it for many different purposes such as KVKK compliance , other software you use in your institution, your archive and file-based data, and combining CRM.

GEODI API allows to make integrations with other CRM solution slike ODOO CRM, SuperOffice CRM.

Thanks to GEODI's integrated map capability, you can see your customers or visits on the map . With capabilities such as heatmap, you can easily see the concentrated regions. Maps will tell you many results that you cannot extract from CRM reports.

The map is only one dimension of the job. GEODI's Analysis and Insight capabilities will unlock the hidden value in your data.

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