The current period of uncertainty is a kind of sustainability check, both at individual and organizational levels. Nowadays we are confronted with not typical social isolation, relations’ disorganization, and constant life changing. Stress and anxiety are growing and it makes us to contract to the "current moment" experience only. We have limited references to rely on in planning our present and future.

The stress leads to frustration, confusion, anxiety, insecurity, loneliness, panic conditions, anger, psychosomatic problems, unstable behavior, and internal conflicts. As the psychological difficulties often become apparent long after events have passed, the hidden phase leads to mental health greater damage. Moreover, the increasing requirements towards the employees intensify and affect the usual way of work performance.


Often misunderstood these conditions are perceived as personal and, therefore, unrelated to corporate life. The consequences are manifested in role confusion, increasing errors, professional "burnout", loss of motivation, more frequent absences from work, and a high level of turnover.

Therefore, it is extremely important companies to be equipped with knowledge and techniques for healthy response/work-out of stress and anxiety.

EAP could be either online or offline performed. It includes a variety of measures to improve the employee’s welfare by healthy processing stress and anxiety. Last 7-8 years we have applied EAP measures in several leading global companies, some of them operating in Bulgaria as well.

The Program has been implemented in corporate organizations in acquisition procedures, mergers, decreased production or branch closure, change in core activities, new technologies introduction, human capital changes, market crises, COVID-19 crisis, etc. Each of these reasons could deeply affect the business organizations financially and operationally.

Working through our program we address the needs of companies to increase their capacity to cope with the challenges of health and economic instability. It assists in the efforts of retaining and increasing the employee’s resilience.

 The Result - market sustainability and increasing productivity.

 EAP package of measures: The Program operates at both group and individual levels. Group form provides a sense of security and allows employees easily to participate. The individual form is to work out personal issues in a safe interpersonal environment.

 Group on- or off-line sessions for support - topics tailored to the challenges faced by the team/organization (i.e. home office working consequences):

 ✔      Coping with stress, anxiety, and "burn-out" – the way from complete blocking, to returning to usual high efficiency, transforming fears and frustration into motivation for work;

 ✔      Preserving leaders’ integrity – restoring and strengthening the sense of realism, role coherence, personal resilience, and decision-making efficiency;  

 Individual on- or off-line consulting sessions - psychological support for stress coping, uncertainty management, interpersonal and partner relations improvement, and other topics chosen by the user:

 Program benefits:

 ✔      Reduced anxiety and overloading stress - adapted people with new physical, mental and social patterns of functioning in difficult situations;

 ✔      Restored sense of control over situations - more efficient and motivated employees;

 ✔      Updated personal resources - rediscovered hidden capabilities applied in mastering daily issues;

 ✔      Adjusted to change functioning - restored “direction and meaning” through exploring the inner world; revising fears, values and beliefs;

✔      Minimized internal conflicts - focus on the present and contribution.



                                                                                                  Emilian Kroumov                                                                                                                                                                          Psychologist

Systain Group Partner

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