Demand Driven – The Knowledge Balance: Part 7 – Piper at the Gates of Dawn

Demand Driven transformation – a new dawn, a new beginning on the road to delivering business objectives within a Demand Driven Operational Model (DDOM). Using techniques such as DDMRP and DDS&OP (Demand Driven Sales and Operations Planning). 

As a manufacturing organisation standing at the gates of this new dawn, we have outlined the roadmap to achieve the objective. And validated that we have the information and inputs required to drive the roadmap to completion.

We have chosen our preferred implementation partner, and validated that they have the requisite level of Demand Driven expertise to support us on our transformation journey. Our implementation Partner has been supportive in providing information about CDDP (Certified Demand Driven Planner) and CDDL (CDD Leader) education programs.

Based on which we have made our decisions on which team members will attend tuition and thereafter study to attain the relevant certification, so that we have a better understanding internally, and greater possibility to engage in the details during the implementation. 

Our implementation partner has also led us through the software selection process. In the case of choosing a new ERP system, we have evaluated those whose functionally is best aligned to our business needs, and our Demand Driven requirements and objectives. Within this decision process, we have also validated that the ERP provider also has the internal Demand Driven skills and expertise to support all functional and technical requirements along the way.

In the case of implementing a bespoke demand driven software module to integrate with our existing ERP system, our implementation partner has chosen a small selection of the range of products available, which most closely align to our needs. We have gone through discussions and demonstrations with those software providers, and have thereby reached the correct, informed decision on choice of software.

As part of our overall due diligence, we have also benchmarked against other companies in similar industry segments who have undergone Demand Driven transformation, and where possible, collected feedback and user experiences from engaging in dialogue with companies who have been through the process.

We are almost ready to begin the journey. But there is one more area of preparation to address. I will discuss this in my next (and final) article.

Stay tuned for part 8, my final episode in the series😊


Damien Dockery (CDDP)

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