Demand Driven – The Knowledge Balance: Part 2 – Triumvirate

Looking back to the early days of ERP implementations, I remember a rule of thumb used by many implementers as a guideline to clients who were planning ERP projects. It was in the form of a triangle, with Good, Fast, and Cheap at the three corners. The wisdom was (and still is) that you can have any two combined, but not all three.

Thinking now about organisations that want to become Demand Driven:

Either by way of DDMRP on a tactical planning level, or by transforming to an organisation-wide Demand Driven Operational Model (DDOM) using Demand Driven S&OP (DDSOP), another type of triangle came to mind. This is the triumvirate of Clients, Implementers, and Software Functionality.

With this particular triumvirate, all three are inter-dependent, and need to harmonise in order to achieve a successful demand driven project.

My next three articles in this series will focus individually on these. I will explore the requirements, dependencies, and challenges for each of the trio.

See if you can guess which one I will begin with 😊. Stay tuned for the next episode! 

Damien Dockery (CDDP)

Management Training and Coaching
Sustainable Organizational Development Catalyst