Enterprise Digital Twin - True Digital Transformation
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“Those familiar with ERP implementations will also be familiar with the high level of failures and restarts. For Digital Transformation the failure rate is even worse. A recent McKinsey global survey shows that on average the failure rate of transformation projects is 75%, and for non-tech companies it is 90+%. .” 

⭐ Our special guest John Blackham, CEO of XSOL Limited (in NZ)

Get your copy ot the presentation useed during the event. 


Digital Twin Model of Business can fix it, enabling organizations to automate their business activity and massively increase their productivity.

Some of the topics of our discussion:

  • What is Digital Twin Model of Business?
  • Why is it important?
  • What is a Digital Transformation?
  • What about automation and what can go wrong with it?

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Дата и ЧАС
15 декември 2022 г.
3:00 4:00 Europe/Sofia

Systain Group

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